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Flint Knapping Workshop

Westmorland Archaeology Flint Knapping workshop at The Old Courthouse, Shap, on  Sat Oct 31st 2015: the techniques of Pre-historic tool manufacture, a hands-on workshop.

This was something that several of us had wanted to do for a long time, but finding a teacher as well as the cost had put us off. However a visit to the Dockyard Museum in Barrow introduced us to Karl Lee of Primitive Technologies UK. who was giving a demonstration and importantly could offer us an affordable event based on a 12-15 group size. Karl is an Archaeologist based in the Forest of Dean with over 20 years experience of lithic manufacture, is very enthusiastic and was willing to make the long journey North. So all we had to do was to find a dozen or so participants.

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Lovely little scraper

They don’t come much nicer than this! One of the flint blades/scrapers found locally through field walking. The re-touch working is exquisite – tiny flakes chipped off on both edges.

Lots of Lithics!

Part of our exhibition will be a display of stone age tools, found locally, consisting of arrows, scrapers, awls and many others. There are many new finds from the past year including some fascinating quartz tools.

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