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Shap Avenue – walk around the stones

Our first walk took place during our 3 day archaeology event in July.This proved so popular that a second walk was arranged for August 8th. The weather for both days was sunny and breezy. Eight of us left from the Old Courthouse along the road to the south end of Shap and to the Arc of Five Stones, known locally as Kemp Howe or Shapsey but officially known as Shap South. This is the place at which Lady Lowther did her painting in 1775. The coming of the railway in 1844 cut the circle and left the five Shap Granite boulders next to the railway where we see them today. We then retraced our steps. Read the rest of this entry


Prehistoric Hand Axe

Hand AxeA rare example of a flint hand axe or               ‘chopper’ found in the Eden Valley recently. It is heavily worked to creaste a sharp edge perfect for crunching up fairly large items – perhaps for getting the marrow out of bones?

The interesting thing is; that it only fits the right hand. We have found other examples of tools that feel comfortable just in the left hand – so these must have been bespoke made, either by or for the person using it.

Dating is very hard with these items – it has been independently dated to the Bronze Age – but tools like this were being used over very long periods. Come to see it at the exhibition we have running this weekend.

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